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A way for EVERYONE to support their favorite creators without using money.

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Five text bubbles with statements content creators say to their audiences, asking for support

Creators ask for support, but I don't have extra money to use.

But what about ads?

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I hate ads!

  • Ad blockers help me, but not creators.
  • Ads help busy sites and clickbait the most.
  • Oh, and data privacy...ugh.

But I love great content, so I want to support my favorite creators.

So how can I do this without money?

Businesses want customer data and insight to make better products and services, and to sell more.

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The power is in your hands.

How Pivvt works:

  1. Discover questions on topics you like.
  2. Answer questions to earn credits.
  3. Use credits to give to favorite creators.
  4. Creators then exchange credits for cash.

But where does the cash come from?

Businesses pay for data and insights.

  • Audiences can't afford to pay to support every creator, and website, and Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and Disney+, and...
  • Pivvt gives a portion of the money received to creators.
  • Audiences, not algorithms, choose who gets paid.
  • ...all with a focus on your privacy.
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Finally a better choice.

I love it! So how can I learn more?

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