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Pivvt brings the power of market research that the big companies use, to small businesses, in a faster and cheaper way.

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Make your research spend count.

Discover consumer insight in ways that have not been available before, without hurting your budget.
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Understand consumers by asking them directly.

Effective market research can help companies undercover necessary insight that helps answer the toughest business questions.

Develop informed hypotheses based on feedback provided by consumers.


Transform structured data into insight to answer your toughest questions.


Leverage data from an open panel for more informed decision making.

Our process

We provide full-service consulting to help you discover  insight to answer your most pressing questions.
We help you prepare appropriately before kicking off your project:
Why use research, and what do you want to find out?
Who do you want to target to learn from?
When do you want to collect the survey responses?
We use the best software tools to build and run your research projects to provide the best environment for the target audience to share feedback. We will make sure that you are satisfied before we kick off the campaign.
We seek out your target audience through online audiences and organizations that fit your desired target. We then gather survey responses by providing indirect incentives to groups and individuals that help to solicit the responses.
We review the responses and prepare a custom topline report pointing out insight discovered. We also gather and package the raw data for your review.

We help you solidify your research objective.


We build a survey to send to your targeted audience.


We find and solicit responses from your target.


We analyze responses and provide frontline report.

Begin taking advantage of market research insight that the biggest companies are already using.

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Our Team

We bring a balance of professional and technical experience in customer experience, advertising, financial services, and big data.
John Dodson
Founder & CEO
Lucas Earl
CTO & Data Scientist